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Rent to Own Homes in Colorado Springs Area with Owner Financing and Lease Options available. Easy Application, Get into a Home now and Not Qualifying for a loan today, work on getting you financed while you are living in the home. Flexible Down Payment Plans. Home
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"Local Investment Co. Donates $10,000 to Aid Local and Hurricane Disaster
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"My name is Jordan and I am 21 years old. While still a bit young according to some, I had realized that renting an apartment, or even a house, was essentially throwing money down the toilet. So I decided to look for a house to purchase. My credit was virtually nonexistent and very quickly I discovered that without credit, or very rich friends, buying a house was going to be impossible for me.

Or so I thought. As I started trying to create trade lines and build my credit, I came across a listing for a rent-to-own home. I gave Lori Jake, of Swiftcurrent Investment Group, a call, and was able to talk to her immediately. I explained to her that I am in the process of building my credit, but it's not quite to the point where I can buy a house with an interest rate in the single digits. Due to some unforeseen expenses, I was tapped out until my next payday. When I explained all of this to Lori, she was willing to work with me while trying to help me get into the house that I wanted. After a couple of weeks (which is how long it took to come up with the first month's rent) we sat down and went over the agreement.

As this was the first time I had even gotten this close to buying a house, a lot of the paperwork was a bit confusing. Lori was very patient with my ridiculous amount of questions, and she didn't let me sign anything until I was completely comfortable with what I was signing. Honestly, if I was her, I could not have put up with it. But here I am, typing on my computer that is set up in my new house. One that will be mine within a year or so, as part of rent goes towards a down payment. And I can honestly say that without Lori and the behind the scenes people at Swiftcurrent, I am not sure where I would be, but I know that it wouldn't be as nice as it is here. Thank you Swiftcurrent, and thank you Lori. Keep up the great work!!!"

Jordan Read, Colorado Springs

Mark and Megan
: very happy buyers on the deck of their new home in Manitou Springs.

"Michael and Lori were extremely helpful through the course of this process. They really did bend over backwards to make this house buyable for us. Without their help we would not have been able to purchase such a beautiful home!"

Mark Sokol, Manitou Springs

"Michael and Lori were an excellent team to work with for purchasing our dream home. From the moment we walked into the house we knew this was the place. Without this company we would never have had the opportunity to buy our 1st home together. They were very flexible and caring, which was always appreciated. Thank you for making our dreams come true!!"

Megan Sokol, Manitou Springs,

Own Your Own Home in the Colorado Springs!

You can successfully Rent to Own Your Own Home in the Colorado Springs area.

You will choose your dream home from the numerous gorgeous homes that are available. You and your family deserve to enjoy the comforts of living in your own home.

You will be offered tried and true programs that have worked for countless of folks over the years.

You can choose from rent to own programs, owner financing options, or just buy outright with buyer incentives.

While you are living in your beautiful new home; You will be closely guided by knowledgeable professionals to improve your credit..

And you will be assisted in getting solid long term financing for your new home through one on one counseling

Hassel Free, Dedicated to your Success Programs!

You will breathe a sigh of relief as your finances improve.

Then You will Glow with pride and the smile on your face will extend from ear to ear as you tell your friends and family that You Bought Your New Home and that You Qualified for a great Mortgage!

You will be finally hold your head high as a homeowner.  You will have something valuable to show for all your hard work!

Find a Home Now or Join our Buyer’s List and receive priority notification when a new home is available.

How to buy a new home without bank qualifying or a large down payment

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Stop wasting your money on rent... or living in a house which doesn’t meet your needs. Discover how to move into a better home now!

Dear Future Homebuyer,
Some people are tenants by choice. But most people would prefer to enjoy all the benefits of owning a home if at all possible. It can be the single most important investment you ever make. A lot of people's personal wealth is made up mostly from equity they've built through years of responsible home ownership.

We believe buying a home should be at the top of your goal list. And, we have a number of homes for sale right now with flexible owner financing. Our unique approach to selling houses can help you achieve the reward of owning your own home faster and easier than going the traditional route. Here are the benefits you can be enjoying by working with us:

You can move fast

When you buy a home from us you can move in quickly and easily. Most of our properties are available immediately. Get into one of our homes in just a few days with our flexible owner terms or set a date further out.

Compare that to buying an owner occupied home through an agent. How frustrating! First you have to qualify for a loan which could take 3 to 8 weeks. We require no bank financing. Then you have to coordinate your move subject to the schedule of the seller. Look out if the seller wants everything contingent on them getting into their new home. Their deal can fall through at the last minute stopping you or delaying you from moving in. That can become a nightmare if you've already lined up a moving van, or given notice to your landlord, or sold your previous home.

Avoid bank hassles

Banks and mortgage lenders are picky. They prefer to do only the easiest and safest loans. Trying to please them and jumping through all their hoops can drive you nuts. It is especially difficult when your credit is less than perfect or your debts seem too high to the lender. Or maybe you're self-employed or new to the area.

Our owner financing programs make buying easy. You enjoy the peace of mind of having a solid move-in date. There are no last minute lender requirements to stop us from closing or moving you in. Depending on what you want and need, we'll make you a loan to buy or rent the home to you until closing. Start enjoying your new home even if you are still raising more money to put down.

If we decide the best option is to rent to you until we close, you'll have some breathing room and no pressure. We can then work with you to get a favorable bank loan or help you build up the down payment required to close with easy owner financing.

Own your own home...now!

Don’t be forced to throw your money away on rent just because you need time to get a bank loan. Each month you get nothing but receipts...with no equity build up... no tax benefits... no appreciation... and no pride of home ownership.

Are you tired of maintaining and fixing up a house you don't own? Do you want more privacy in a bigger or better house?

Even if you don't have perfect credit... or a large down payment... or if you're self-employed, there are loans available for you. Whatever your current situation, there's probably a home loan that is just right for you. And we'll "walk across hot coals" to get you in one of our nice houses, even if it means financing you ourselves.

Work directly with a creative and flexible seller

Start enjoying all the benefits of owning your own home. Have lenders and brokers told you that you can't qualify?

We’re a local real estate investment company specializing in helping families buy a home without the normal hassles of going through the bank qualifying process. We have nice homes in all sizes, locations and prices. As the owner, we can offer several unique programs that can help you buy a home, even if you don't have the proper financial picture or credit history to please a bank.

Our lending criteria are vastly different from a bank’s. We'll take into account the circumstances that may have damaged your credit in the past. We'll fairly evaluate your present employment situation and currents debts. In most cases, we can find a method of financing you, getting you into one of our houses.

Buy with no money

If you're in a position to qualify for a new mortgage, we may be able to help finance your down payment and closing costs. If you can qualify for 100% financing now, we may be willing pay your closing costs. You could get in with no money down.

Some of our buyers can qualify for 95% to 97% bank financing. In those cases, we might recommend one of several "home buying grant programs" available without qualifying. These grant programs can "gift" the 3%-5% down payment you need to close.

Buy with a small down payment

There are a lot of creative things we can do even if your credit is less than perfect... or you lack local employment history...or your income is hard to prove... or you have another house for sale... or you're stuck in a lease... or you've had a bankruptcy or foreclosure... or you have outstanding collections.
And when you don't have enough money down to close with seller financing, we have several other programs to give you immediate ownership benefits. Our "lease purchase" or "rent to own" program can get you into the home of your choice with a small down payment.

This program offers a creative way of helping you build equity and enjoy market appreciation. We'll then work with you to get you closed as quickly as possible with the best mortgage and terms. In the meantime, you can be enjoying your new home, sprucing it up how you want. Since you're in the process of buying the home, we have few concerns about smoking or pets.

Then show off your new home and experience a new sense of pride. You'll have the time needed to qualify for traditional financing, establish your income, clean up your credit, build up your down payment or pay off debts.

No reason to wait!

Many tenants are willing to live somewhere that does not reflect their preferred lifestyle because it's "temporary." Don’t put up with noisy, unkempt, and sometimes frightening neighbors. Or inefficient heating systems or poor maintenance. Or undesirable schools. Or rising crime rates. Or what about the landlord who shows up with little or no notice... even entering your home without your knowledge?

When you're in a home of your own, you have more freedom and peace of mind. You deserve to live better. Let us help you improve your lifestyle now!
Stop living in a house that is too big or too small. Stop putting up with uncooperative landlords. Stop getting by in a house that’s too hard to maintain. And stop spending your hard-earned money on rent when all you have at the end of the year is a pile of receipts.

Quickly qualify for the best mortgage

The credit reporting services most lenders rely on can be unfair. Rarely does your credit report reflect your true ability to borrow money and keep your agreements. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you certain rights and the ability to reestablish damaged credit. We work with several top-notch companies who specialize in helping you raise your credit rating.
If your credit history needs improving, it may take 3 to 12 months to get you qualified for a very favorable mortgage through a bank or mortgage lender. The good news is that we may be able to get you into a nice home now while one of these companies can be handling your case. Our owner financing programs are designed to give you the time you need.

Another way we can help is to refer you to a professional mortgage broker who’ll examine your current income, credit and debts. Then they can tell you what’s available now or in the future. They’ll give you suggestions and a plan putting you in the best position to get approved. No longer will getting a new loan be a mystery. Having time and a plan to work on your financial situation can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Is owning within your grasp?

It's the American dream. Some people will never achieve it. But most people do not have the opportunity you have right now. Let us help you buy a nice home sooner than you expect. Get on our Buyer's List today! Let's see if we have an attractive home now that fits your budget and lifestyle. A home you can move into quickly and easily, with or without bank qualifying… with or without a down payment.

If one of the homes available now doesn't get you excited, then we'll keep looking, notifying you of our new properties as they become available.
There are several easy ways to find out if we have a home for you:



Go to our available homes page,

Call our 24 hour recorded message line: 1-866-939-7825,

Call me at our office for personal assistance at 719-235-2733 and tell us about yourself and what you're looking for. Let us show you how to overcome any home buying challenges you're facing. There's no cost or obligation. We don't charge a fee to get you into one of our homes or to help you explore your options. Joining our Buyer's List is free.

If you’re spending your money on rent now, or if you’d like to buy a better home, let us help you. We select several of our properties each month to sell for cash, with a new loan or with flexible owner financing.

You may be able to get into a new home without bank qualifying, without a substantial down payment and (in some cases) with no money down.

Lori Jake

Swiftcurrent Investment Group, LLC
Direct: 719-235-2733
Toll Free: 866-939-7825

Does all this sound too good to be true?
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Home Owners 34 Times Richer than Renters.Gazette Article Says. Sunday,
March 5th, 2006

Check out the September 26, 2005 issue of The Daily Transcript, Colorado
Check out the 9/26/05 issue of The Daily Transcript, telling of all the benefits of Lease-to-Own programs; just one of the purchasing options available at

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY AND MY FAMILY LOVES THE HOUSE!!! I will recommend you anytime I know of someone thinking about purchasing a house" Tammy Johnson, Fountain.

"My family and I came from Chicago looking to rent a home. With our credit, we never considered being able to actually buy our own home. With Lori and EZQualDreamHomes we were able to see new options with great potential> Because of their flexibility and tenacity we've been approved to move into our first home!!! They are our #1 RECOMMENDATION"- Clarence and Brooke Colorado Springs.

"Lori was great to work with. She was easy to get a hold of on the phone, she returned all of our phone calls. Lori explained the contract and the terms and conditions so we understood everything. I didn't feel overwhelmed or pressured. I'm looking forward to working with Lori in our new home."

"Let me tell you about Lori and Michael---I've been working with them for a few years now and I hope to continue for many more! Their work ethic is superior and honest. Any time I've ever needed anything from them, I have had it promptly. This includes phone calls being returned on the rare occasions when I have to leave a message...no matter where they are...I hear from them."

"I started a lease purchase a little less than a year ago with Mike's company. He worked with me the whole time to get through some credit issues and in less than a year I was ready for permanent financing."


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